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Ranferi "Sonick" Luviano Jr.

Though we are still reeling from the sudden death of our sincere friend and brother, Ranferi, We are all humbled and touched by his time here with us. We offer these words in honor and memory of Ranferi.

Our brother Ranferi "Sonick" Luviano from the University of Houston Downtown chapter, Nu Gamma, recently passed away on 08/21/2022. He leaves behind his mother, four brothers and one sister.

At this time we are collecting funds for the family here, please donate if you can.

Ranferi was a very loved and unique individual who influenced and touched many lives. Hailing from his beloved hometown of Houston's infamous Fifth Ward, Ranferi was a force to be reckoned with. He never allowed any situation to dictate his future. Through punches in bunches, Ranferi did not allow himself to get knocked down. He fought on and persisted and for that he will be remembered.

Ranferi was the first in his family to earn his Associate’s Degree, attending the University of Houston Downtown. In addition to completing his Associate's at UH-D, Ranferi also joined Sigma Lambda Beta in the Spring of 2006. He then transferred and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Business Management from the C.T. Bauer College of Business at University of Houston.

Ranferi was the type of person that attracted attention. From his bold, confident, yet playful personality, to his animated and radiant smile, Ran had the "it" factor. He was a self proclaimed dancer of all music and man style fashionista. Never missing an opportunity to respect and admire the truthfulness and other individuals, Ranferi was it.

His positive outlook even during bleak moments was part of his persona and is what set him apart. Ranferi was loved by everyone who he came across. His energy was unmatched and his joyful personality made him a pleasure to be around or talk to. His absence will be noticeable amongst those of us who knew him well.

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