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Omega Chapter Accuracy Campaign

The Board of the Sigma Lambda Beta Omega Fund would like to thank all of the Brothers that have taken the time and opportunity to learn more about this new initiative.

Now that the Omega Fund has established its presence, we would like to ensure that all the Brothers that have passed onto the Omega Chapter are properly acknowledged. Currently, Sigma Lambda Beta has a count of 47 brothers that are documented as a part of the Omega Chapter.

We are reaching out to the Brotherhood for assistance with three tasks:

1. Review the current list of brothers on the Sigma Lambda Beta website to validate that the information is accurate.

2. After reviewing the information on the website, if there is no bio, no picture or an outdated picture for a brother listed, please help us by writing a bio and sending an updated picture that will honor that Brother.

3. If there is a Brother that has passed on to the Omega Chapter and is not listed on the website, please send us a picture and bio so that we can make sure that Sigma Lambda Beta can pay the proper respect.

Information can be submitted using our form located here or emailing Please send all pictures to

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