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Heavy Week of Passing

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Last week the brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta were devastated to learn of the passing of two brothers from coast to coast within our nation.

Brother Hector "Hermes" Serrano of the Sigma Gamma chapter at University of California Santa Barbara chapter and Brother Fernando "Ustalon" Cintron of the New Jersey City chapter both passed away.

Contributions can be made directly to one of the families or can be split equally between the two families here,

Brother Hector "Hermes" Serrano passed away on 01/03/2022. He leaves behind his mother, father, younger sister Valeria and his two young brothers Yahir and Daniel.

Additional information on Brother Hermes can be found here.

Brother Fernando "Ustalona" Cintron passed away on 01/02/2022. Brother Fernando recently relocated to Florida for his work and his family is incurring the cost of bringing his body back to New Jersey for final arrangements.

Additional information on Brother Ustalona can be found here.

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