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Fernando "Ustalona" Cintron

It is with sadness that we add another to the Omega Chapter due to an abrupt and untimely death. Brother Fernando “Ustalona” Cintron Jr. was a charismatic individual who exemplified each of four principles of our great fraternity. His favorites being brotherhood and cultual awareness. Fernando was born on December 10, 1988 and was the eldest of three children. He is survived by his mother, his nephew, and two younger silbings.

Our brother had an unrivaled passion for music. He knew that sound, when crafted with precision, rhythm, and soul can be used to elevate one’s burdens and to intangible heights with the sound of his trumpet. And, he never hesitated to use share his talents to bring joy to others. Thirteen years ago, he embarked on journey filled with toil and strife. Then, on a biting, winter cold night he remerged as Brother Ustalona, the Fall 2008, Alpha line of New Jersey City University Colony where his impact and legacy will remain. And, he will be missed.

To donate to the family of Brother Fernando "Ustalona" Cintron, please go here

Thank you,

Brother Alexander Purdie

Vice Chairman NJAN

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