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Daniel "Philosopher" Cabrera

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Brother Daniel "Philosopher" Cabrera lost his battle to COVID-19 and based away on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2020.

Brother Cabrera was admitted to the hospital in early December struggling with shortness of breathe. As the struggle continued, Brother Cabrera was placed into a medically induced coma for a ventilator. Shortly after being placed into his coma, Brother Cabrera's father passed away from COVID-19. Unfortunately, Brother Cabrera's condition worsened and he passed within days of his father.

To commemorate Brother Cabrera we share the words of his sister;

Daniel is and always will be the person with the purest heart that I will ever know. He always put himself last and made sure to take care of everyone around him. Although he was a brother to my siblings and I, he was also our best friend, our second father who taught us everything we know, and our hero. He was the most patient and loving person. There was not a day that would go by without him telling his family that we were the biggest blessings of his life. He brought laughter to everyone he has ever met and after having just one conversation with him, it was hard not to want to be the best version of yourself that you could possibly be because that is what Daniel would do, he would inspire you beyond your limits and teach you to appreciate each small blessing in life. Every little thing Daniel did came from his heart with the purest intentions. He is and always will be the light of our lives, our motivation, and our biggest supporter. Him and our father will guide us as they watch down on us

Though the Omega Fund is no longer accepting donations for Brother Cabrera, the family is accepting donations through GoFundMe here.

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